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It looks like Google Glass is back after all... A new "Enterprise Edition" is launching, aimed at businesses and with the following improvements:
  • a more powerful processor
  • an eight megapixel camera, up from 5MP before
  • the camera button now doubles as a way to detach the electronics from their frame, making it easier to attach them to prescription and safety glasses
  • the battery life lasts for about eight hours of typical use excluding video streaming, up from about five hours before
  • more robust wi-fi connectivity
Find out more in this BBC article:
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It looks like Google Glass may have some life left in it, as there has been a new update - the first since 2014:

Although not a huge update, it does show that it is being worked on to an extent. Hopefully, we'll hear more information on it soon.
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Snapchat have released a wearable camera - Spectacles - which retails for $130. The device is only available in the US currently, and can only be purchased through pop-up vending machines which tour the country. The Spectacles link to your phone and can be used to record 10-second videos with Snapchat, but the device cannot be used with any other app.

CNET have been taking a closer look:


Read the full article here:
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Business Insider reports that Apple has been taking on new staff to work on augmented reality projects, potentially with a view to developing their own version of an augmented reality display like Google Glass.

Read more here.
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Trusted Reviews have published a handy round up of the latest news and rumours in connection with Google Glass 2 (the 'Enterprise Edition'). Here's a snippet:

Read the full article here.
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CNBC have been talking to Dr. Peter Chai about how Google Glass has had a new lease of life in hospitals. The device, which debuted in 2013, has found practical application in emergency situations when a specialist cannot physically be in attendance.

Read the full article, and watch the interview, here:
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