Where can I buy Google Glass?

The question that people everywhere are asking

  1. Becky
    Some lucky members of the public already have their hands on Google Glass, so many people are asking - how can I get my hands on them? In February 2013 Google held a competition on Twitter asking people to state what they would use Glass for if they were given the opportunity. The selected winners were given the opportunity to attend a launch event and buy the developer version of Glass for $1,500. To date, the ‘Glass Explorers’ are the only members of the public who have been able to buy Google Glass.

    Despite the fact that Google Glass is not yet available to the general public, there has been a lot of talk that it will be available this year. It seems unlikely that Glass will be released in the summer given how far through the year we find ourselves. Cynics may presume that the launch will be in time for seasonal purchasing madness so as to maximise sales, in which case we could be looking at an October or November launch.

    The price is a little more difficult to predict. Google have said that Glass will retail for less than $1,500 but by how much is unknown. Members of the public may be uneasy walking around with a device costing over $1,000 within easy reach for criminals, so let’s hope that the initial retail price is at least in three figures and not four.

    This article will be updated as more information becomes available, so be sure to check back.