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      Say hello and get a warm welcome from other Google Glass enthusiasts in this section.
      Latest: Greetings all Bildert, Jun 12, 2013
    2. Google Glass News

      Google Glass News

      The latest news surrounding Google Glass - keep up to date by reading this section.
      Latest: Google Glass Enterprise Edition Ian, Jul 18, 2017
    3. Off-Topic Lounge

      Off-Topic Lounge

      Relax and chat about non-GG related stuff in the off-topic lounge.
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    4. Announcements, Suggestions and Feedback

      Announcements, Suggestions and Feedback

      We'll post any site news in this section, but please let us know any site-related feedback in here.
      Latest: Welcome to the Google Glass forums Ian, May 20, 2013
    1. Google Glass General Discussion

      Google Glass General Discussion

      General questions relating to GG go in this section.
      Latest: Does Google Glass work with an iPhone? Ian, Jun 13, 2013
    2. Ordering Google Glass

      Ordering Google Glass

      If you're looking for information on how to order Google Glass or have delivery questions, this is the place.
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    3. Google Glass Support

      Google Glass Support

      Need some help? Create a new topic in this category for expert support from other users.
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    4. Google Glass Apps

      Google Glass Apps

      Come and discuss the latest apps for Google Glass in here.
      Latest: Glassware Downloads Ian, Jul 9, 2013
    5. Google Glass Development

      Google Glass Development

      Creating your own Google Glass apps? This is the place to discuss development.
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    6. Article Discussion

      Article Discussion

      Post comments and discuss articles that we've posted on the site.
      Latest: Google Glass Specifications Ian, Jun 12, 2013